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We strive to sell affordable vehicles with "Golden Quality"

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Daniel Golden

Our vision


Our goal is to help people find the best vehicle at the lowest possible price.

We don't waste money on expensive advertising or other costly expenses so that we can ensure that you're getting the best deal possible.


We run our business with integrity and follow the
Golden Rule.

Any business can put words down and talk about their beliefs, but we know that customers see through cheap talk. Our standards really show in each and every one of our sales, through our dedication to delivering quality cars and service.

First Buyer

We have a passion for helping people find vehicles.

I genuinely enjoy meeting people, making a personal connection, and learning of the customer's needs to find the right fit for them. The right fit is the right vehicle at the right price with the best quality available. Selling cars goes beyond business. We at Golden Quality Auto Sales want you to feel welcome.


Work within and help support the community.

We're a minority owned business that supports other small local businesses. We also buy locally from individuals and other private parties. We couldn't be where we are today if not for the support of our neighbors, families, and friends here in Sac County.


Make buying a vehicle a smooth and stress free experience.

You will never feel the high pressure sales environment that you'd get from a large dealer at Golden Quality Auto Sales. No stalling or lengthy back and forth negotiations, you can work directly with the owner. We respect your time and appreciate your business.


Can my mechanic inspect the car before purchase?

Arrangements can be made for personal mechanic inspections on a case by case basis.

Why buy from a small dealer?

A small dealer has much lower overhead costs, such as rent, employees, and advertisement. A large dealership will easily spend thousands of dollars a month just to keep their doors open and that cost is embedded into the price of their vehicles. Our dealership operates on a lower, more efficient budget allowing us to deliver affordable vehicles with the same quality.

How do I know I'm getting a quality car?

Our cars goes through a thorough multi-point inspection.

Can we test drive vehicles?

Yes! All you'll need is a valid driver's license.

Schedule a test drive!
Can I trade or sell my car in to Golden Quality Auto Sales?

Yes, depending on the condition and price Golden Quality Auto Sales will always consider taking cars in for trade/purchase.

Are warranties available?

The cars are sold as is and warranties can be purchased through third parties. This helps keep our out the door costs lower.